When you read every day, you seem to follow a path of your own. You don’t diversify your reading collection, and you barely ever feel the need to do it either. You might want to read every other book, but if you are not prioritizing your favorite reads, you’re probably not turning the odds in your favor. Let’s say, you like an author, and their work seems to inspire you, but does that mean you shouldn’t read the work of any other writer? Probably NO! Libraries are filled with books of all kinds, and you should totally explore your options. Different perspectives will keep your interest alive, and you’ll enjoy reading even more.

Diversify Your Options

When you’re creating a reading list for yourself, you should always strive to diversify your options. With books available in all the nook and crannies, you can always find ‘your book’ in the most unexpected places. However, keep diversity at the heart of your list so that you get to reduce monotony completely.

Explore Different Genres

We are bored and exhausted, and there’s no way we can enjoy reading books placed in similar settings. Exploring new genres helps you cut on the monotony, and your reading collection expands with valuable reads.

While reading increases your attention span, exploring different genres improves your knowledge of different subjects. Whether you read historical books, fiction or fantasy, ensure you add each of these genres to your list.

Prioritize Your Likability

If reading happens to bore you, you are probably not doing it right. You’re skeptical and confused because you don’t know the kind of books you want to read. Even if you know, you are perhaps not reading your favorite author. Writer’s tone and style happen to be the factor that sparks the reader’s interest. When making a list, add the books that you like and don’t go for the books only because you want to follow the trends.

Consider Recommendations and Reviews

Recommendations and reviews save you time and energy both. The critics make sure they include everything in their reviews – the positives and the negatives – the points that add value to the story and the parts that make it the worst read ever! When you consider these reviews, you get to understand better whether the book would interest you or not.

The Classics

Who wouldn’t approve of the all-time classic reads? They are all written beautifully, and you should definitely add them to your list. When you find yourself in the mood of light reading, these classics act as the escape you need.

Bottom Line

There you have it – some of the most effective tips to help you create a reading list for yourself. If you are considering diversifying your reading collection, you can find some here at Bookgasm. We are exploring different genres, and you should check them out!

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