Do you ever notice how your child’s expressions change when they meet one of your friends? Does their presence scare your child away every time they show up at your gate?

As unfortunate as it is, not everyone you meet can be your friend – and especially your child’s. You may find it difficult to believe, with your friends’ pleasant aura, but some of your friends can be the reason for your child’s disturbed mental state.

Many children fall prey to sexual abuse in their early years. These traumatic experiences turn them into confused, disturbed, and troubled individuals as they grow. Many children come out of the trauma – if treated earlier, but most wouldn’t easily shove away the nightmares they witnessed during that phase.

As a parent, you should take every measure to ensure your child’s safety if you wish to keep their self-esteem intact and personality stable over time. Find the reasons below as to why you need to keep your eyes on your social circle to keep your children protected and safe.

They Could Mistreat Your Children

Over time, your acquaintances have noticed that the ones you trust the most can sexually abuse your children. The predators are your friends, your immediate family members, or one of your neighbors.  It could be someone you trust enough to leave your children when going to work or somewhere important.

Then again, not everyone out there is your child’s enemy. As a parent, you should learn to detect the signs and the behavioral changes your kid shows when around your friends. For example, if they seem to not like their presence around them, it is always better not to force them on your children. Otherwise, the repercussions would only be severe.

REMEMBER – Not Everyone in your friend list needs to meet your children! Regina Johnson

Use Your Relationship in their Favor and Threaten Your Child

Sometimes the friends you have been acquainted with can be the ones exploiting your children. They could use your relationship with them in their favor and continue to threaten your children without you knowing anything about it at all. So, it is always better to keep your eyes open and be aware of the sick-minded people around you to ensure your child stays protected.

All in All – Children Learn from Actions

In their early years, children are the blank slate that requires shaping and mold by the many experiences and people they come across over the course. As parents, you need to make sure that the people your child meet should influence them positively. It will ensure a healthier growth in their personality and turn them into strong individuals like you want them to be.

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