The US Census Bureau states that there are around 13.6 million single parents in the United States. These parents are raising approximately 22.4 million children in the United States – which means there’s no single parents shortage anymore.

Among them, single-mother happens to be quite a growing segment of the population. Their numbers have increased and so have the struggles single mothers face while raising their child. Not only do these struggles affect their parenting, but they also disturb their mental health in the long run. As a result, they don’t get to excel in their work, so earning becomes a hustling experience. Which, again, adds to their struggles!

Let’s dig deep into the subject, discussing the struggles normally a single parent face.

Custody Problems

Legal matters – especially when concerning a child’s custody can keep you on your toes. Financially, physically and emotionally – the process only drains you. The idea is, once you get into a legal battle, it may not end over a month and sometimes even extend over a year. This is one of the many reasons legal proceedings happen to affect you financially. All in all, legal proceedings are the emotional ride that keeps you unsettled until you get your child’s custody.

Marital Disputes

Most parents tend to involve their children in their disputes. This affects a child drastically, keeping them disturbed mentally in the long run. While this happens to be the worst thing you can do to your child, be sure to keep them away from your conflicts. Considering your child has put up with the trauma of their child’s separation, stressing them further can be the nail in the coffin. For this, consider to part ways with your partner agreeing on mutual terms and conditions. This will help you, your partner, and your child to go your separate ways on a friendly note.

Child’s Disturbed Mental State

This one’s a no brainer and impacts you and your child the most! When parenting your child single-handedly, not understanding their behavior can be a major miss. Be sure to attend to them, keeping a softer and empathetic demeanor to raise strong, independent, and stabled individuals.

Academic Struggles

Your child can struggle academically due to the conflicts you have with your partner. Their focus on their studies come to a halt, and their grades go down as a result. What you can do in this case is, keep in check with their teachers. You can consider meeting their teachers on a more than regular basis. By keeping yourself updated on their class progress, chances are you’ll get to raise your child better.

Bottom Line

As a single parent, you can struggle a great deal. As if the emotional trauma of leaving a partner wasn’t enough, the guilt for not attending to your kid can keep you on edge. Be sure to look for ways to efficiently attend to your child and be the parent you have always wanted to become.

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