The rise in technology has made our lives a lot less complex than it has ever been. While our efficiency in performing most of our tasks has increased over time, our days mostly keep us consumed. The fast-paced world that we exist in precisely is one of the many reasons why our struggles keep on increasing. Especially when children are in question, the struggles only get real in time, considering the many reasons that go undiagnosed in such scenarios.

According to statistics, mental illness is taking a flight these days. Reasons though can be several, it has been estimated that over twenty-six percent of Americans from ages eighteen and older show symptoms of diagnosable disorders. This is the age group when teenagers transition into adulthood, and adults become middle-aged individuals. However, considering there exist many struggles that teenagers face even before adulthood hits them, here’s a list of a few struggles to help parents and their children combat them. Take a look!


One of the researches carried out in the National Institute of Mental Health indicates, almost thirteen percent of teenagers are likely to experience depression. Whether such illness is diagnosable or not, parents should take strict measures to cope better with the struggles once they start noticing the signs. Not only will this put the children at ease in the long run, but it will also make it easier for them to handle their routine tasks efficiently.


Bullying is another most dangerous struggle a child faces that should be taken seriously once the signs appear vividly. National Center for Education Statistics states that almost twenty percent of teenagers experienced at least one form of bullying in 2017. From social media platforms to high schools and colleges, bullying can occur in any form, shape, or intensity – depending on how susceptible to bullying a child is. One way to cope with this is by ensuring to strengthen your bond with your child. In this way, you’ll make your child resistant to bullying in the best ways possible.

Drug Use

Once your child transitions into their teenage years, several attractions seem to captivate them whether you as a parent like it or not. Not only do they gravitate towards these attractions but also become addicted to them. Drug addiction is one of them, and you must make sure to inform your children beforehand about all the aftermath; these can put your child through.

Academic Struggles

This is another struggle that keeps children on their toes. The pressure of giving their best shot, the many subjects, and the peer pressure – each of these affect your child’s mental and physical health to quite an extent. For this purpose, consider giving your child the freedom they need to perform to the best of their abilities.

Bottom Line

These are some of the many struggles that most teenagers suffer from at least once in their life. Be sure to look for the signs for early detection to cope with them as best you can.

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