As if there weren’t emotional struggles attached already with becoming a single mother, you can struggle to raise a child financially, too. Divorced, separated, or widowed, single motherhood is no easy. Your children demand quite a lot from you, and you need to make sure you attend to them in the best ways possible.

Single mothers make quite a major portion of single parents in the US. According to statistics, around eighty-three percent of single parents are mothers. By the look of it, the sum is quite a lot, and, likely, the rate might only increase in the days to come.

Let’s look at the ways to cope with the struggles of a single mother.

Career Struggles

As a single mother – especially when you have no one around, career struggles might only escalate. With the many deadlines that pile up over time and the need to look after your child, single motherhood impacts your work life a great deal.

Coping with these, however, can be easy. All you have to do is keep yourself, and your child organized. You can also involve them with you in your work, if you may. This will make them disciplined in the long run and more capable of taking responsibilities on their own.

Guilt for Not Being Enough

As humans, guilt can overtake our mental health in a lot of ways. Especially when you know most of your decisions contribute to your child’s life one way or the other, one wrong decision can keep you guilt-tripped. From feeling guilty for not caring enough for your child to not spending enough time with them – all these worries strain you mentally.

One way to cope with this is by not stressing and forgiving yourself for the little mistakes you make as a human. And chances are, you’ll find yourself fighting with these struggles in a lot better way than before.

Socially Isolated

If you’re not a working mother and have no one around to support you with your struggles, chances are you feel entrapped in a cage as a mother. With your child consuming you completely and taking up most of your days, you can feel socially isolated, too. Be sure to take your kids outside or enroll them in programs where they can learn new skills. In this way, you’ll get your own time that you can utilize to spend some time with your friends.


Parenting is an emotionally and physically draining ride. The errors you normally overlook can put your children through serious repercussions. Your children demand from you vigilance, intellectual skills, and decision-making abilities. It demands your best version from you – especially when your children are young and at their tender age.

Consider to calm yourself down whenever you find negativity seeping you ever. You can practice rejuvenating exercises to repower yourself mentally. And chances are, your struggles will lessen over time.

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