Hello Bibliophiles! Let us give you a little insider on our eBook journey!

Launched in 2020, Bookgasm is a book store that has been focusing on providing their customers with the best book titles. From fiction to non-fiction, and everything in between, Bookgasm aims at giving avid readers what they are looking for.

Bookgasm is the brainchild of Dr. Regina A. Johnson, who is not just a furious reader herself but is also an owner of a stellar academic background. Apart from being eloquent in five languages, Regina is a Naval Officer, Public Speaker, and a Life Coach. She’s also a mother to a fabulous and curious 5-year-old, Orlanda, who is the inspiration behind Regina’s passion for writing children’s books. And now Regina is not just an Indie Author; she is also the CEO/Owner – EOJ Publisher!

With Bookgasm, Regina  aims at expanding your horizons, because that’s what books are meant to do! Bookgasm promises diversity so that you can seek the pleasure of reading by not just one, but hundreds and thousands of genres, each giving you something new and magical to get lost in.

Aware of your insatiable hunger for words, Bookgasm also offers a platform to let your well-thought-out words be strung in curated sentences. We are the megaphone to the words and the ink to the words you put on paper.

Bookgasm plans on becoming your ultimate heaven for books so that booklovers can skip the hassle and cherish every second, reading, bewitched by the worlds put together by words.

Our passion for the written word is not just limited to eBooks and print; it goes beyond and (pretty soon) will offer you a multitude of stationery items, too! Because love knows no boundaries, especially when it comes to stationery.


BOOKGASM is a publishing company formed in 2020, owned by Regina A. Johnson & Eric O. Johnson.


At BOOKGASM, we believe in the transformational power of books- the expansion, cultural and knowledgeable wealth that reading brings to readers, widening views and perspectives, celebrating freedom of speech, celebrating storytelling and contributing to cultural enrichment and connecting the world.

Our mission is to nurture a passion for reading by publishing the most loved classics of all times. We welcome new talents and are open to new voices. We celebrate diversity, too! We welcome LGBTQIA + communities, Native Americans, people with disabilities, racially diverse and any other type of minorities are appreciated at BOOKGASM.


At BOOKGASM, we have a committed team who is dedicated to finding innovative ways of bringing stories and ideas to audiences around the world. By adapting and embracing new technologies and formats, collaborating with authors at every stage of the publishing process— editorial and design, to production and distribution— our goal is to provide them with the greatest platform possible.

At the same time, we fiercely protect our authors’ intellectual property and rights and we are advocates of freedom of expression, ensuring that our author’s voices are read/ heard beyond the pages of the books and into the communities around the world.

We serve society by publishing new ideas and supporting creativity. We with new authors and illustrators sharing their voice through their stories, helping create stories and communicating ideas that influence, entertain, inspire, and connect the author’s voice with readers around the world.

Our growing vision covers books for readers of all ages at every stage of life. We’re also proud to have in our bookstore coloring books, journals, notebooks, planners and children’s stories.

Let yourself be enchanted!