Dear Parents


We have received great feedback from our followers and faithful social media friends. As with everything in life, some take the time to encourage the work we’re doing while others give us feedback reflecting their interpretation of reality. By writing this statement, I want you to understand our identity and history. I invite you to be open-minded and listen to other people’s views even if you disagree with them. Being open-minded also means recognizing people for the individuals they are, understanding everyone has their own perspective.

And that brings us to this: some are critical (and perhaps offended) of our branding name: Bookgasm.

It seems some have a preconceived opinion of what BOOKGASM is all about, not based on reason or actual experience but rooted in fear of being open to other voices. It can be dangerous when families don’t talk about taboo topics.

I can assure you our team had no bad intentions when choosing the name BOOKGASM.

It is original, authentic and for some views, can be intriguing and provocative. However, the history behind its branding is the recognition many of us find pleasure in knowledge through reading and owning many books.

BOOKGASM looks at the situations that lead people to become keen readers as well as ways in which parents and teachers can encourage children’s love of stories, creativity and reading.

BOOKGASM is about giving voice to the voiceless, recognizing everyone has a beautiful contribution to make to society.

Our collection of children’s books addresses the difficult subjects such as social justice, racial issues, immigration, death, sickness, leadership as well as emotional pain including loneliness, fear and rejection. We believe education and self-awareness is never offensive and there are times we need to hear without an immediate need to reject.

Here, we work hard so our children will feel safer and stronger. We work towards empowering parents and their little ones to discover the enchantment of education. There is no forbidden subject – but we address ALL matters tactfully and tastefully to facilitate parents and their children to initiate sometimes tough dialogue that promotes a higher level of understanding and compassion towards themselves and others.

At BOOKGASM we believe that when you take time to show children how to gather and interpret information, ask questions and cross-check sources, they become critical thinkers. It’s difficult to confront the issues the world hasn’t been able to solve. But by investing in our kiddos with quality dialogue, knowledge, compassion, and strong character, we can give them the tools they need to make things better. By the end of the day, we do ALL we can to reach out to others and make a difference in a positive way. We focus on opportunities to take risks and transform human minds. We listen, learn and accept the challenge to grow. We also appreciate the passion and different perspectives from others.

Hopefully, this clarifies where we stand and I invite all to discover the pleasure of listening to disparate voices and perspectives at BOOKGASM. It will certainly create new ways of driving perceptions in the new normal.